How a Franking Machine Benefits your Business

A franking machine is a major instrument in the printing of postage stamps along with a company logo on an envelope or postcard. It is especially beneficial to those who operate a business that requires the constant sending of business mail on a daily basis. It presents a more convenient way of paying for the postage of mail for your business. You will thus handle your business mail in a more convenient way. 

Franking machine providers have a contractual understanding with the postal services in the area. Their machines respond to their servers and are connected through the business phone line. Before using the machine, the business owner has to deposit some amount in the postal service's account. The servers that are used by the bank, the machine provider and the postal services are in sync. 

Every time the business owner uses the machine, the servers communicate to ascertain whether he/she has enough money remaining from the deposit to warrant the service. When it is depleted, the customer will have to replenish it to continue enjoying the service. Such a transaction is almost seamless. 

Franking machines present certain benefits to your business. It helps save time. You do not need to queue at the post office to buy postage stamps. Since the machine is connected to the postal services, you can buy the stamps from your office. 

The franking machine can be made to produce highly customized stamps, which contain our company logo and other markings, for advertisement purposes, as well as portraying a professional image. It also gives you an opportunity to print the appropriate instructions if the mail is undelivered. 

A franking machine has a weighing scale, which greatly reduces instances of over or under Stamping. People tend to overestimate or underestimate the weight of mail, and thus buy stamps that turn out to be too expensive, or too cheap. This will either be a loss on your part, or a bad image when the recipient has to cover the extra cost. 
A franking machine weighs and dispenses the right stamps. 

With a franking machine, the mail shall always be on time. They are very fast operating machines, capable of working through a bulk mail in the shortest time possible. This will not hinder your mail delivery timetable in any way, making the work of the dispatch department much easier.

It is also the cheapest method of sorting bulk mail. When you consider the number of times, it produces. You realize that it saves our business a lot of money through its accuracy. It has been known to save you to 30% of revenue in the mail departments.